Terms and Conditions – Official Consent and Agreement VIEWING ANY PORTION OF MY REPORT AND/OR CREATING A PERSONAL PROFILE AND/OR CLICKING “SUBMIT” IS MY OFFICIAL AGREEMENT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH AS FOLLOWS. I CERTIFY AND AFFIRM THAT I READ AND AGREE TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS HEREIN. Use of this website and iReviewNow.com is your agreement and legal consent to the terms and conditions set forth herein and/or by your agreement when you authorized a background investigation or consumer report to be obtained about you.
ABILITY TO REVIEW YOUR REPORT. Your prospective or current employer or the organization requesting a consumer or background report, such as a criminal records check, credit or insurance report, and all other forms of consumer reports as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other federal and state laws uses the exclusive iReviewNow System, which allows you to review your background (consumer) report at the same time to ensure accuracy and completeness. The user of this report is hereafter referred to as “USER,” which is the entity or individual I have authorized to prepare a consumer or background report and transmit it to iReviewNow.com for my review. I am the subject or consumer named in the report or reports, and I certify that I am legally allowed to enter into this Official Consent and Agreement.
  • You have an opportunity to see what is being reported about you at the same time or near the same time as the USER by email or secure Internet Login.
  • By agreement with iReviewNow, the USER must have your signed consent or digital signature consent to order a consumer report.
  • The USER is licensed to use iReviewNow.
  • By logging into this website to view your consumer or background report, you are agreeing to all terms, conditions, and authorizations described herein and/or in an iReviewNow Agreement you executed in authorizing the consumer or background report.
  • You have an immediate opportunity to make sure the report is your report and see if your identity has been stolen or is being fraudulently used.
  • You have an immediate opportunity to make sure the information is accurate.
  • You have an immediate opportunity to explain any information about the report that may help the organization make a more informed decision.
  • By using this website to view your report, having the benefit of the patented iReviewNow System, and by clicking the “Login” or “Submit” button, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

    1. I agree to review the complete background or consumer report about me for accuracy and completeness by exclusively using www.iReviewNow.com (hereafter “iReviewNow) as provided by iReviewNow, LLC. I agree to go to iReviewNow.com to view my report. I further agree to immediately answer all iReviewNow questions, and dispute any misleading, inaccurate or incomplete information within five business days from the first text or email message or notice that my report is completed (hereafter “agreed time”). Where I have not received notice that my report is completed, I agree to go to www.iReviewNow.com to view my background report.
    2. I agree and understand that iReviewNow, LLC is not an employer or Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but is giving me electronic access to my report. I understand that the consumer reporting agency (Provider) is identified in the report or in my authorization agreeing to a background check. The organization requesting your background or consumer report (End user) is identified in the report.
    3. The End User, Provider, and iReviewNow are instructed to not mail any information or copies of reports to me as I will use iReviewNow.com to receive and review my background report. I am responsible for the security of the report at iReviewNow.com.
    4. I authorize all notices, letters, reports, consumer rights, and other communications to be transmitted to me at iReviewNow.com. I certify that I am providing an active email address. I also certify that if I have provided a cell phone number that is active and able to receive text messages. I certify that my use of iReviewNow.com is my electronic signature that transmission of such information provides sufficient proof of my receipt as I have provided valid information where I can receive notifications. My failure to review or dispute any information in my report within the “agreed time” shall be my certification that the report is accurate and complete as issued and that the overall results or report may be published to the End User, background screening provider, and/or iReviewNow.
    5. I understand that iReviewNow only reports the information in the report and does not make any positive, negative, placement, access control, credentialing, adverse information, or other decisions for the User or Provider. Thus without waiving any Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), federal, state, or local rights provided by law, I hereby release and forever hold harmless iReviewNow, LLC, the Provider, and the User for providing me my report through iReviewNow.com. I agree to go to iReviewNow.com to register for automated notification of my report or to view the report when notified.
    6. I have had an opportunity to read or review my rights under the FCRA and other state notices, other applicable regulations, state and federal laws and consults with legal counsel. I certify that I have every opportunity to read my rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act by going to http://www.ftc.gov and/or http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/031224fcra.pdf, whichever notices and rights are most current. I further agree that I may rescind this agreement at any time in writing to iReviewNow, LLC, which will only apply to future reports about me, as reports previously transmitted to iReviewNow remain the sole property of iReviewNow, LLC, unless I establish in clear and compelling (such as, court certified) evidence that such report is inaccurate. It is my sole responsibility to ensure that reports about me at iReviewNow are accurate.
    7. The information I have entered to view my report is my personal information and is accurate.
    8. I am the person identified in the profile I created on iReviewNow.com.
    9. I am the person named in the report, unless otherwise disputed in iReviewNow.com.
    10. I acknowledge that the terms and conditions as detailed herein shall be a valid original of my release and consent.
    11. I am the consumer named in the registration and report. I entered my information knowing it is a crime to use another person’s information for any reasons, including, but not limited to gaining access to another person’s consumer or background report.
    12. I agree to review the background or consumer report AND answer each questions truthfully in iReviewNow to ensure the accuracy and completeness of my report.
    13. I agree that my report and answers in iReviewNow will be stored for future reference and use by Users, licensed iReviewNow background screening providers, and iReviewNow, LLC.
    14. I am responsible for the security of the report once I print or save a copy of the report as found at iReviewNow.com.
    15. I agree that all notices, such as pre-adverse action and post-adverse action letters, and my rights as defined by the FCRA and similar laws have been properly transmitted to me by using iReviewNow, and no other notices, correspondence, or information need to be sent to me in any form hereafter.
    16. I agree that if my dispute over the accuracy or completeness of my consumer report or background report is not resolved to my satisfaction that I have the right, at my own expense, to submit my fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to receive a copy of my criminal record, further known as a Rap Sheet. I agree to transmit or upload the FBI Rap Sheet to iReviewNow where such information may help resolve my dispute. I agree that my fingerprints will serve as “best evidence” as to my identity as it relates to investigating my background or criminal records as reported by iReviewNow, their assigns, affiliates or heirs, and Users of my report. I may go to http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/nics/general-information/cgbrochure for more information about contacting the FBI to dispute any information contained in the FBI record about me. FBI Information Notice: You may obtain a copy of your FBI Identification Record by sending a request to: Federal Bureau of Investigation 
 CJIS Division 
Attention: Record Request - 1000 Custer Hollow Road Clarksburg, WV 26306 You are responsible for following all requirements set forth by the FBI, and as such must go to www.fbi.gov to ensure you have the latest requirements, as the information herein is provided without warranty and may not be current or accurate. You are required to provide the following to the FBI, which is subject to change without notice: A) Your written request. B) Payment for the $18 processing fee, either by certified check or money order made payable to the U.S. Treasury, or a credit card. For credit card payment information, visit the Identification Record Request website. C) A current, original ten-print fingerprint submission (not previously processed) taken by a local law enforcement agency and bearing your name, date of birth, and place of birth. Key information needed is magnified below. What will I receive? In accordance with regulations established by the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI’s CJIS Division is empowered to furnish an individual with a copy of any record in our Criminal File pertaining to him/her or to advise the individual that no such record exists. In instances where a criminal history record exists in our Criminal File, the FBI Identification Record itself serves as our official reply. When no record is found, a dated “No Arrest Record” stamp, placed on the back of the fingerprint card the individual submitted for the Criminal File search, serves as our official reply. I agree to securely transmit to iReviewNow any FBI report sent to me if I am disputing any portion of my report found at iReviewNow.com. I understand that withholding relevant or factual information from iReviewNow.com may result in an incomplete or inaccurate consumer or background report available by authorized users of iReviewNow.com. I understand the any FBI notices are subject to change and I shall refer and rely on information published at FBI.gov.
    17. I understand and agree that all previous information provided by me becomes the exclusive property of iReviewNow.com and unless proved to be inaccurate by an independent court or law enforcement approved entity, shall not be removed or redacted from iReviewNow.com.
    18. I further agree that I may rescind this agreement in writing to iReviewNow, though I agree that I shall hold forever harmless from all claims for the use of my report by User or Users, the Provider or Providers, or me prior to the written notice rescinding this agreement. I may rescind this agreement in writing by contacting iReviewNow, LLC – 2001 Drayton Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32311. I understand that if I rescind this agreement all previous information provided by me or about me will continue to be reported without penalty or cause of action by me, but a statement, “Subject opted out of using iReviewNow in the future, though the previous information given by or about the consumer is valid and may be used by the User of iReviewNow.com. Future consumer or background reports about the consumer, except the information provided previously by the consumer, are not protected by iReviewNow.”
    19. I understand that I am not waiving any rights provided to me by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, state, local, or other federal laws by agreeing to use iReviewNow.
    20. I agree to submit color copies of sufficient quality of official government identifications upon request to verify my identity.
    21. RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT. By using iReviewNow to view my report or use any of the benefits of iReviewNow, I hereby release and forever hold harmless iReviewNow, and their heirs, affiliates or assigns, the information provider and/or USERs of my report for providing me my report through iReviewNow. This release means that I agree to use iReviewNow to report any and all disputes, errors, inaccuracies, or other issues to ensure that my report is accurate. I hold iReviewNow, the USERs, and licensed background screening and consumer reporting agencies authorized to use iReviewNow and their affiliated companies, officers, agents, employees, and independent contractors and affiliates (hereafter USERS) harmless on account of any expense or damage resulting from the use of my reports unless such is contrary to state/federal law or regulation. Moreover, I hold the USERS harmless, including officers, agents, and employees, for negligence or willful misconduct relating to incomplete, erroneous or false information that I do not clarify or report using IReviewNow.com. As the inventor, iReviewNow, and/or SecurTest is providing use of its patent and copyright web-based software, and other computer systems, I specifically hold them harmless from any and all claims for disputes, inaccuracies, or errors that may be contained in my report, as they did not compile the information contained in my report. Users, employers, or others I have authorized to use iReviewNow are solely responsible for the legal use of iReviewNow. I understand that the providers of the information that is contained in my consumer report are solely responsible for the accuracy and legality of the information.
    22. Any controversy, claim, or dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement that is not covered by this agreement shall be resolved through binding arbitration conducted in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association in Leon County, Florida, at the offices of iReviewNow, LLC or its counsel. The law of the State of Florida shall be the governing law. The arbitration award will be enforceable in any state or federal court. In any arbitration or court proceeding, iReviewNow shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs if it is the prevailing party. The consumer agrees to pay all costs and fees to the American Arbitration Association relating to any claims, disputes, or filings. In addition, the consumer shall be responsible for payment of attorneys’ fees and expenses associated with iReviewNow, SecurTest, or their assigns to collect monies owed by award of the binding arbitration. The consumer further agrees that any matter resulting in a filing of arbitration by the consumer, the fees, and expenses of the arbitration shall be the sole responsibility of the consumer. The consumer agrees that the benefit and use of iReviewNow.com voids any claims of damages by iReviewNow.com, SecurTest, Inc., and their assigns. The consumer agrees that the maximum award that may be given by arbitration shall not exceed $25.00 U.S., as the consumer acknowledges it has received substantial benefits for use of iReviewNow.
    23. SEVERABILITY. If one or more of the provisions of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired. The invalid or unenforceable part or provisions shall be replaced with a provision that accomplishes, to the extent possible, the original business purpose of such part or provisions in a valid enforceable manner.
    24. I affirm that I have read and understand the terms, conditions, waiver, hold harmless, and all contents of this agreement, and Terms of Use, been fully advised and represented by counsel with respect to it (or had ample opportunity to seek and obtain legal advice), and that this Release, Waiver, and Consent with all of its terms, consequences, and ramifications with independent counsel, or had the opportunity to do so.
    25. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE AUTHORIZATION: I hereby certify that if I elect to sign electronically that it may be used by the entity ordering my background report or consumer report, iReviewNow, LLC, and the background screening provider, their agents, or authorized third parties to rely on it as if it were my original handwritten signature. Moreover, I agree that by using iReviewNow to view my background or consumer report is my electronic signature and agreement to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

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